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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  July 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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to the move think morning, so stop by fourth and market, get you some free passes, there it is, lots to give away. >> cool. kids are out of school. perfect move toy take them too. >> and it is will be so hot, too. >> definitely. air-conditioning! >> turn the fan around for what the next six, seven days? >> i heard a tip once. bowl of ice in front of your fan. >> oh, so it blows over the ice, almost like air-conditioning, if you don't have air-conditioning. >> i like that idea. thank you, sue, good tai to you it is thursday, july the 21st, 2016. is philly getting the boot? it turns out, pennsylvania, pennsylvanians, wouldn't mind seeing philly just leave the state. just how many of our neighbors, okay, the city next to us, they want us out.
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>> michelle obama, dishing the limo, and getting a ride. on the white house ground. not alone, the rap heres joined her taking their skills to the next level. check this out. wedding cakes that rock, the latest trends, for your big day. and i mean rock, literally, the science behind geo cakes. >> what? >> geod? >> look so cool. i can't wait to see it in person. >> a rock formation on the cake itself. >> really. >> you know weddings, they also have like the first kiss and everything. and sometimes, when do you the first kiss, like when you are dating, awkward. >> can be awkward. that's what i am thinking about, when i think about the awkward kiss between donald trump and governor mike pence, did you see that last night? >> governor pence spoke.
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oh. you can tell he did not know what was going on here. oh, oh, oh. >> i was thinking about kissing him actually on the head, but then i changed my mind, and did air kiss. >> or maybe still trying to but then pence pulled back, awkward, what do i do? ya. so how could he make this moment little better, little awkward? dude, spice it up, throw some music on it. >> ♪ i'm all out of love ♪
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>> can you imagine reagan kissing bush? >> these things are stain imagine and dollars to the n degree, i guess one of the things that never made it, how will we interact at first? do i shake your hands? do i gave you a hug, do we sort of do the hands shake and pull each other in before the bro hug? i'm guessing, i'm going to air kiss you, probably, was not on that list, but i have to tell you the happiest man in all of the land got to be al gore. because this one knocks his awkward kiss off the charts. go back to 2,000, he heads up on stage with his wife tipper. i actually look at the video once again timed it out. that's 32nd long kiss. look, it is not, obviously, not high school make out session up there, but look, anything more than a peck on the cheek to your wife under those circumstances, is going to raise some eyebrows. definitely talking about that for awhile. that thing has been seen millions of times, on youtube, so again, al gore's got to be very happy this morning that this new one knocks him out of
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the number one spot. >> let's make it a million and one times if we can and roll it again. remember? the back story here in 2,000 was that al gore is just such a stiff candidate. and this is a way, it look like, it was almost scripted. look at this. you know. >> she is wait withing arms open. >> get ready, honey, i'm going to plant one on you. then she goes on. >> and almost at first, she pulls away, then puts the arm around and bridges him in for the kiss. >> and it is not clear, but look like for a second there he is thinking of going the old france route. >> oh! >> but, ya. that was awkward as can be. he was no longer the nerd. was the cool guy making out with his wife on stage. >> oh, just all creeped out. >> you know what? this makes me think of another, they should take note from sue and billy, because remember the halloween show?
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>> yes! >> no that was a good kiss. >> ya. are we going to play it? >> do we have that? >> sorry, i just thought about it, if you want to take notes, maybe get the crown for something, like how to kiss. >> now was that on france? >> no, not on tv.
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>> watch out for his big speech. hopefully sue, i know we see a lot of that kiss. >> oh, yes. >> being back to the awkward, how you should properly do it, one of the viewers tweeted me, kind of reminded me awkward hug -- >> will if he snell. >> oh, watch this. >> oh, really? >> even now? >> even now. >> you were a baby. >> i was a baby, and my brother.
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>> give him a kiss. >> i may have to do like a michael fred owe thing? >> next time you see him, yes, can we take videos? get someone to get a video that far. >> kiss him like you mean it. >> exactly, do sole al gore passion, all right? >> all right. >> going out to the carpool lane t got little presidential. first lady of the united state joined james cord on, put them in the car with him, they start singing for his carpool karaoke segment, looks lick they had a lot of fun. here it is. >> i hear you're going to 145 -- (cheers). >> go for a spin? >> ♪ oh, baby here i am ♪
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signed sealed delivered i'm yours ♪ >> and stevie wonder. stevie wonder. >> ♪ put a ring on it ♪ >> oh, ♪ oh, oh, oh, ♪ >> rock the mike. we were making honey. >> we're making hon toy put in our lemonade. >> ♪ this is for my girl ♪ >> here we go! >> ♪ (cheers). >> ♪ >> ♪ grab the mike grab the mike ♪ >> ♪
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>> oh, holler ♪ >> get your freak on ♪ get your freak on ♪ go! ♪ get, get, get your freak on ♪ >> oh, my goodness. this is so epic. >> how much fun? >> when they leave office in january, next year, michelle obama has to be out there in the public a lot. she is too likable, right? does she get her own show? does she make appearance respect? >> so relating. >> a lot of offers she will be fielding for things to do. >> she misses just doing this, evidently, only the second time since her husband took office that she got to just jam out in the carlis inning to the music. >> i remember her saying one of the first things she want to do is drive again because she can't drive herself anywhere. she gets driven. >> yes. >> , right. >> so if you look carefully that the video, you can see
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the secret service car right behind them. we doesn't want anything to happen here. that was really cute though. i liked it. ♪ holla! >> this morning we are talking about junk food. because it is national junk food day. so we want to know what's your favorite? says my favorite junk food cheese-its, banana laugh i taffys, and the minute chocolate chip ice cream. >> maybe not at the same time. >> why not? >> then again. >> little debbie swiss rolls, i never leave home without one. sounds like good plan. >> okay. >> then another says: sausage pizza, kit cat, reeses fix, reese's cup ice cream, and pepsi. >> well, black is beauty just wash it all down with a pepsi. how about that? >> i love reese's, too, but trying to figure out what the favorite. does candy have its own cat gory? >> it is junk food, i. >> i really? >> not really necessary for news tryings.
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>> ya, so probably junk. >> let's go to our favorites then. >> okay, my favorite candy reese's, but i didn't pick reese's, i think candy as separate. >> reese's pieces? >> no just the original. >> got to be the cups. >> to me rays' pieces are different. give me the on unless, but apparently what john food you like is your favorite, it says a lot about you. >> so i'm not seen this before. i don't know it says about me but i love chips. cheddar, sour cream, all kind of chips. >> to me, sour cream and on john. according to sigh kai trust and neurology, chip love are successful high achievers, can also be competitive need to remember to be patient and calm. >> well, you definitely need to be calm. >> yes? >> just saying. >> i think you are patient and calm. >> oh,. >> do you all of those things. >> i can be i am patient at times, i get excited. i guess it is casino of accurate. >> i've never seen you really
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let loose though. >> oh, i can. >> okay, i love french fries. they can be steak cut, little thin ones, friday lovers tends to go with take things in stride. not you? i don't know about. that will whatever will be, will be. oh, sarraw. >> i have to pick a different food, because i belie all every these qualities. this is not me. >> all kind of silly anyway. let's keep going. because this moment i cannot resist. >> cheese its? >> i love them, too. it is a cracker of course, so if you love crackers, you tends to be shy. me? involved in a lot of project at once, that's true. >> and you are very thoughtful. >> and value your private time. okay. >> are you ken tell plate sniff i would say. >> i have my moments of medication. >> can you be shy?
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>> sometimes. you know when i'm shy? >> when? >> when celebrities come in here. very shy to speak, famous people, because i don't know to say to them that they haven't heard 800 million times before. >> i don't know that shy that i observe when famous people come in, you're very respectful. >> you don't bombard them, we're like hey! >> sue is very polite, stands there, laughs, when they have time. >> and i do fell like i don't want to bother them. >> ya? >> but that's it. >> okay. you are the celebrity, sue, thanks. >> when you get on the street, you're not shy at all either. >> oh, grateful. are you kidding me? any time i meet somebody who watches the show. i low loved when you and i marched, down the ben franklin parkway, for the saint patrick's day parade. >> oh, that was fun, yes. >> and i walked next to you, and it was awesome just to watch all of the people, sue, sue, sue, sue. >> we did have fun. >> in the rain that day. >> yes. >> in light of the so-called brexit, people living in
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pennsylvania were asked which part of the equipment would they like to see leave? if you had to pick a city in pennsylvania who would you want to kick snout. >> who else would it be? when they put that way. >> yes? >> nearly third voted philadelphia out of the state. >> ouch. >> 29%, 52% said oh, not sure here. and 7% chose harrisburg. and this is from the polling, but they voted us out. >> you agree? when i lived in buffalo, new york, i remember the folks from buffalo saying they hated new york city. and they felt like it was too much of a drain on their tax dollars. and new york got everything. and they wished that new york would from the state of new york maybe there might be a similar feeling about philadelphia, because it is such a big big city. and get all of the attention? >> and think about it, just since i've been in the past couple of years, the pope came to visit us, the democratic national convention next week, villanova won. big parade we had here, then announced the draft, nfl draft will be happening here next year. >> oh, we got the convention
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coming next week. >> true. >> naacp national convention. >> exactly. >> it is more in called call, northern california versus southern california, two different worlds. >> they wish they could just split the time? >> yes. different places. >> so just jealous. don't hate. >> speaking of southern california, and the lakers, how about kobe bryant. apparently has message for his younger self. don't give money to your family. this is interesting, right? kobe bryant wrote letter to his younger self. for the website, the players tribute. in it he says people he needs to figure out a way to invest in the future, family, and friends, but makes it clear he said invest, not give. >> that's interesting. >> what, because they can take advantage of you, if they know you have lot of money, they're constantly asking. >> and don't appreciate that perhaps. i mean, kobe just grew up with a dad who was in the nba of course. >> yes, but i think that the family and friends just feel entitled. >> oh, well, i'm close to kobe bryant, so i'm going to be on
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the gravy train. >> and big fans every kanye west, but does have a song called real friends, he talks about in the song one of his cousins stole his laptop and then said hey give me like all of this mine, then i'll give it back to you, his own cousin did that, yes. he talks about like i guess you're at certain status, family starts pulling at you, they expect, they want all of this stuff. and hard. >> even in the real world like the rest every house don't make kobe bryant money, you do have to watch get sticky. >> and if you do lend the money, i mean, sadly it is best to get it sort of in writing,. >> yes, then some family members really? it is really -- >> somebody said to me once, just consider it a gift. don't even expect it back. because otherwise it is bad feelings, and that's how it ends up with people not talking to each other for years. >> yes. >> let's go down the line watch would you tell your younger safe if you could tell yourself anything? >> you're better than you think you are. >> awe.
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that's nice. >> don't text and drive. i don't know. hon toast goodness, here is the thing, my son, just thought about this, he is 12, he will be 16 in four years, we talked about driving. i was the worse driver when i was 16. i was in five fender benders, one year, when i was 16. i lost my license for three months, got it revoked, and i was just not good driver. and i think what happens is when you're a teenager you have so many distractions, but now, think about it? there are no phones back in the 80s, right, when i started driving? now these kids have these phones. >> so many distractions. >> my goodness. >> you never think at that age, anything is ever going to happen to you. so you tell yourself actually pay attention? >> true. >> yes. >> how about you? >> i would tell myself everyone has their own past. don't get hung up on what they tell you should be happening. everyone has your own pass, just embrace it, and live your life. >> interesting.
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>> ya. >> you know that like your career, you have to do this, go here, i never thought that i would be here in philly, you know? never thought that. so, i mean, i appreciate the blessing, and if i listened to what everybody was saying, or have done the way that you're supposed to do it, just embrace your blessings, and if it doesn't work out, that's a lesson, if it does work out, that's also a lesson. >> i think most times you regret what you didn't do more than what you did. >> that's real. >> even if it didn't turn out. at least you tried. >> that's true, too, but i think as you look, these kind of studies this issue, i think for the young people out, there i think it is important in life to identify what you're aptitudes and talents are early on, inch sped of trying to force something, casino of what you were saying, alex, little bit, kind of go what your past is based on what your strengths and interests r if you finds something you love, find you're actually pretty good at it, then king combination. >> i did basketball for a loft my life. when i was younger. and finally i realized i haven't grown since like fourth grade. >> right? >> i don'ti don't think this win
9:19 am
out too well. i'll just run track, do something different. >> i could hit a fastball, but i wasn't as fast as all of the other guys, once the guys started throwing good curve balls, i was done, and i was real about it, my major league career is done, instead of trying to fight fight fight to make it. >> let it go. >> ya. >> fine something else. >> yes, you can do anything you want to do, but let's be real. >> can you stand all of this wisdom, folks? >> anyone taking notes? letters to our younger selves. >> nine will the 19. men and women, oh, maybe not so different after all. >> common. >> specially when it comes to looking good. how much guys shell out on beauty products. >> i just bought facial scrub. >> did you? >> yesterday. >> okay. start total how much you spend, chris. >> national junk food day, checking back on what people like to eat, young food. matthew says goldfish, nothing better. i lover goldfish too. and then the mrs. says i love popcorn white cheddar. i have some in my bag right now, i'll eat it next. >> sue and i will eat
9:20 am
cheatsits. >> this one really good pizza boardwalk fries and chocolate peanut butter ice cream. >> oh,. >> with that we'll be right back. whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired.
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each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it.
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>> ♪ >> celebrating collision course, comes up tomorrow, more passes, still giving them out, comes out to fourth and market. giving them away right now. >> i like free. >> ya, still making plans, if you're going to go see that friday, tonight movie night free, special event in the neighborhood, going to raise money for a florida clarity. every lgbt bar in the neighborhood will team up for charity event, which will give money to victims assistance organizations and in the wake of the attack in orlando.
9:24 am
>> so this will be a great event that's happening in the neighborhood. stop by. mike will be bartending. i'm going to be bartending. and it is all for a good cause. now, i'm not exactly sure where i will be just yet because mike keeps changing the plan on me, but if you follow us on facebook or twitter, alex holley fox 29, i'll put it out. obviously i'll know soon where i'm going. >> well, if you need some help, you might talk me into it. >> really? do you want to come. >> if you need some help. >> okay. >> only if you need some help. >> i've never poured drinks before. >> or accustommer? >> there go. >> please, somebody, please come by, see me. i don't know what i am doing, so the drink might not even taste good. so come on by and say hi. >> had to stop, i realized, i was out of my face scrub. >> very important, got to ex folate. >> it was $20, but well worth it. >> ya? >> $20. >> well, there are new type of man because there was a time
9:25 am
when men wouldn't buy face scrubs or anything pampering. >> well now sue, it is a thing. because all of the beauty fair things, according to new study men and women are spending the same amount of money when it comes to beauty products. love that. look at those pores, love the pores. >> think of how big those pores would have been if i didn't ex folate. >> you went and got that. >> and reduced your fine lines and wrinkles. >> yes, looking like the grand canyon. >> will showboat in the women and men, spend average of ooh dollars a month on beauty products. >> wow. >> so expensive, is the problem. >> ya. >> right? >> so greater percentage every men than women say they use beauty products important for work or so to please someone in particular. so if you know there is a lady around, you want to look nice? >> so is that urine del genes? one of them, perrycone line,
9:26 am
like $09 for them bol full of stuff. i'm sure it's good stuff. >> something about beauty products, i'm like drawn to them. oh, hey, alex, good to see you again. >> oh, gosh. >> do you have say brands name, but are you loyal to a brand name? >> no, oh, this looks nice, and i can already have it at home but something about the new mascara or new eyeliner i'll try that, oh, it looks good. go home and play in it, you know what? >> now, because i'm trying to find the cheap equivalent of the expensive line. so there are so many blogs now, beauty blogs, where people are trying out beauty products, like so if you buy the 50-dollar mascara in the department store, what is the drug store similarity? >> it adds up, sue. >> right? and sometimes they're just as good. >> ya. >> but you got to try them out. >> true. >> let's try out some cakes. >> oh, not just any cake. geo cakes. >> i'm fascinated by this. >> oh, those are gorgeous. >> the cake looks pretty, too.
9:27 am
>> okay, so, she's very excited, so there are these cakes that look like rock formations. she has them in her hand there, and she'll explain it. >> ♪ i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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we're tipping to celebrate national junk food day what is your favorite? so, ameylee says deep fried milky ways,. >> um. >> that sound good. >> philly web girl, craft mack and cheese with taco seasoned ground turning or mozerella sticks that sound good. >> my favorite junk food anything chocolate, herrs, chips and mountain due, yummy.
9:31 am
i love mountain due. >> i remember my first pringle, it was heaven. >> once it pop it doesn't stop good it curves and fits in your tongue perfectly. >> all of the same. >> yes. >> and then you can stick six or seven all at ones. then your brother says i did eight. i did 12. >> i guess, junk food is, i hate doing it, i took a picture of my junk food but anyway, if it is very low in nutritional value then it is probably junk food. >> that make sense. >> this would qualify. >> i'm sure. >> that on top of the cheese, yes. >> yes. >> there is that. >> on top of the junk food, let's have some cake president you have cake and then gio's cake. take a look at this. they are very trendy right now. it looks like art, almost like like reality. >> yes, it does. >> so, lauren, how long does it take to make a cake like this. you are showing us some in
9:32 am
deptford, new jersey. >> i know, we will get to that answer in just a second but we have to show them off. you just showed a picture. this is incredible, alex, chris, sue i have never seen anything like it before. we have not had a request here in new jersey just yet but you will tell us about it. it will be fun. tell me when you first saw this it came out of california, a lady named rachel were you like what in the world because you have seen it all. >> i have seen it all. i was a little surprised but yet exited to do this cake. >> it would be a challenge but something new. >> it is a new, up and coming cake that we're doing. >> after this segment you will give a call we will promise that. >> how long does it the take verse a traditional cake like the ones here behind us like we do. >> only a few hours, each cake is different, so, definitely a few hours to create a one of a kind cake. >> people here think it is for show you can eat it. >> it is for real. >> lets see how this all happens because here's one in motion and in progress, and
9:33 am
kind of explain to me what is happening here. >> well, what we have over here is, rock canned that i we used in order to form the gio and we carved out of the cake in order to give it a three demential look when it is all completed. so that will show you how we painted a few of the crystals, to give it a more dimensional look when it is finish. >> so they start out because it is just sugar, yes, it its. >> it starts out like the clear crystals here and what she's doggies giving them color. >> and little bit more image into it. >> now the glue which is edible really to hold it all together is icing. >> just icing. >> of course. >> show it. >> how it is done. >> okay. >> you take a little bit and put a little bit in there. >> that just has food coloring to make it purple. >> so just a little bit. >> take your rock. >> stick it on there. >> probably close to 15
9:34 am
seconds and i see you are appropriating very hard. then you let go. >> i will try it real quickly. ana, get over here and grab the mike and tell people where people can find you guys. they will see this and this will be my next project. >> absolutely. >> we will love for them to call us, you can call here and set up for a consultation, where we can meet with you, bring in different pictures of cake, also bring in a swatch of a different color, sarah is amazing, one of the top pastry chefs in the tri-state area, and we're happy to have her. she has never turned down any cake that we have presented to her. >> no challenge is too big for sarah. >> look at that. >> i think i can help you. >> look at that, my fees stuck. >> ana, sarah kristin thank you so much ladies. >> thank you sue, chris, alex back to you in the studio. >> a work of art. >> three words: bring some
9:35 am
back. >> that is four. >> people will be ordering i bet. coming up you see donkeys all around town, right? but they are more fun coming with the democratic national convention, no matter what party you are affiliated with you can still party. fun events on the scheduled for every interest and every age. that is coming up.
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so this week's addition of alex around town is all about the dnc happening. no matter what club, political party you are affiliated with you can still party. philly is getting ready to take center stage and we want you to have fun when are a
9:39 am
democrat or not from museums, bars, restaurants and other attractions they are getting in the spirit with political theme events and specials. here's where you can find them you need to know the #to find these specials. here it is, #dnc deals f you search that #you will be able to see all kind of specials east passyunk avenue. they are saying, they are going to have some specials, so it will be a special happy hour. just go, see it all kind of things. we have lots of good deals. all big event that have #. follow a long there. and then, today, tomorrow and saturday, all you movie bufs who want to check out the political movie fest there will be free movies screen, in dilworth park. you know the park in front of the city hall. voters select these classic films to be shown and tonight would be the candidate, friday the american president and saturday's flick will be all of the presidents men. then did i mention it is free. i will say it again, it is free. it starts at dusk at 8:30. should be great to go out because weather will be nice.
9:40 am
next you have heard of philly's night market. go around different parts of the town and they have foot trucks and great crowds. well, the dnc is so special it is coming here they are moving it to the daytime. it is like i the day time market. united we eat will host a diverse line up of foot trued accounts live music and other local vendors here in olde city at third and arch. this is this coming monday from 11 to 3:00 p.m., free to get in, pay as you go for food and drinks. we will have a preview on monday too, it will be a lot of great food trucks out there. did you go to this last night? are you still recovering. you know how sips is. the so crazy a lot of people and fun. center city sips next week they will to a dnc version. iowas there. i go to sips. a lot of fun. happy hour starts on wednesday, five to 7:00 over 80 different center city bars and restaurants as well as comcast place, centre square and dilworth park. the just visit center city philadelphia a dot organize
9:41 am
for participating and there will be a lot of dnc theme ones. alycia keys is having a special party during sips. watch out for that. any of the cities museums, galleries and tourist attractions are getting in on the political fun. from tourist, dubbed i am with her, yes, hillary clinton tour, or even a feel the bern tour. isn't this so cool. so, for the i'm with her tour highlights women who made a big impact on our history if you want to feel the bern that goes overall of the revolutionaries and their great tourist throughout olde city. national constitution center is an exhibit called headed to the white house. the prices will vary depending on each venue. and finally the watch parties if you don't have a ticket then stand outside ape watch. stand outside and watch there will be a large watch party complete with jumbo trons scheduled for convention as finally when hillary clinton takes the podium thursday night. is there a big concert happening thursday night. it is at piazza at schmidts commons in northern liberties. it starts at 7:00.
9:42 am
free to the public. you guys know i love free. those or fun events you can look forward to next week. dnc in philly will be a big event here. take advantage, you know, i will, i will see you around town. well, jen, that is what we're talk about around town you're helping us getting ready. how about we take our old stuff and make it new. >> what is oldies new again and by the way a big, big, big deal political celebrities not her just stopped by. i will put it on the instagram. who do you think came by moments ago a big fan of this lady, we will talk about tailoring your closet and why this place is full of political excitement. nicole miller at the bellevue.
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the party is almost here, we will wrap up our good day drives you series on friday with our party at the dell. look at that always a party at the dell we will a announce winner of the brand new mazda cx9. >> here are details it starts at 7c o'clock tomorrow in the dell music center in east fairmount park we will broadcast live all morning long, join us at the dell, we will kenrick the family soul, performing their single a all my people and freeway will be there tomorrow as well, right. >> we will have free food, rita's, we will be a all out there, great time, don't miss out. someone said, i heard you are having a event in philly for kid. bring your kid, family. we want a great crowd.
9:46 am
one of the time ones but we get to meet all of the viewers and people that watch. when we went to wilmington, a couple times ago i met mrs. p's, pretty t's because she was wearing this cute shirt that said fox 29. >> i remember this, yes. >> she was so sweet. she sent me a package and said you need to have something nice to wear for their grand finally. >> i haven't opened it yet. she said she would send me something. so nice for her to follow through. look at that. >> look at this. >> yes. >> my favorite color, bling, bling. >> look at that. >> yes. >> i love it. >> okay. >> i guess i will be wearing this tomorrow at the party. >> good for that weather, right. >> yes. >> cool and comfortable. it is getting warm. it won't be worst part of the day. we will be fine. >> thank you mrs. p, appreciate it. i appreciate it. >> speaking of style, how about this, you have heard of stylist say.
9:47 am
>> yes. >> god, no. >> bridesmaid dresses and other pieces back in the rotation. by making a few changes. >> sometimes more than a few. >> so jen is a at nicole miller showing how we can switch it out and change the dress. >> yeah, good morning guys. good morning to you, cara, how are you. >> nice, how are you. >> we talk on the phone. i love this idea. we talk about shopping your closet but you say taylor your closet. >> you got it. there are little tricks you can do to completely, revamp your wardrobe thaw have already got. >> we will talk about how they will come in. so this is a great nicole miller dress. >> gorgeous. >> beautiful dress. a lot of you may have a long gown in your closet thaw are not wearing long anymore, so, one come in,. >> call than have it shortened.
9:48 am
>> i love it. >> you can take your old stuff ape make it new, make it fresh or make it something you might wear more. >> enematernity like you can make it shorter, longer. >> totally you can have things pinched, even sleeves you can have shortened. i was telling you even t-shirts. if you love a t-shirt and you want to have it made shorter, i know that may sound silly but sometimes i spend more on the tailoring and altercations then the actual garment. you have to work that in the the price. >> you look awesome. >> these are some things different examples. >> this is from the closet. this was a vintage dress that i got at a store in germantown when i first moved to philadelphia it had a long black, sort of skirt that went with it. i wore it to the wedding. someone congratulated me on the baby. i was than the pregnant. not something you want to hear as a woman. i will not wear it as a dress anymore. i had it cut into a shirt. >> it looks really cute good it is blousey and a cool shirt.
9:49 am
>> other thing if for instance i was over the fringe, a garment like this, have the fringe taken off. >> so difference between these two, go to the next one you could have this done at your regular dry cleaner. >> i think what people have a special garment it is very expensive or seems like it is particularly hard job go to a really good place, on the main line, a good, good place. other than that you can go tour local dry cleaner you would be surprised what they can do. >> this is really hilarious. >> next up this is a jacket i truly had for 18 years. it was long. it was that rounded bottom like that shirt bottom, and i had it cropped. it is suede. i took to it a good place. but i had it crop. now i wear it over dresses forgive me 18 years you might have been on real world. >> i was on the real world. >> this was a purchase probably from the real world. >> yes good this is long form in tv. >> okay. a lot of people got these apartments but they feel like they are too much. >> you got a long full pant
9:50 am
and have been is in the pants these days. have them cut 20810 inches, play around. have the dry cleaner, whoever pin it so you can see. make sure you feel comfortable. it is like you are your own designer because you can shop in your own closet. best sale is not buy anything a at all. >> best sale is to not buy anything at all. >> thanks very much, brought to you by cara kahn. >> thank you thank you. >> appreciate it. >> seriously, i know what this looks like real world, chicago, real world chicago. >> real world chicago. >> we can all see it but it looks bet they are way. >> it does. >> yes. >> thank you. >> this just in, but bob kelly came in just now and there must be something going on. bob kelly, thanks for coming in. >> good morning, everybody. >> that is right, let's get right to it. we have some traffic jamy jam,
9:51 am
at ben franklin bridge, shout out. that is right. make sure you get your jelly doughnuts out, start stuffing your face because it is jamy jelly doughnut jam and that is how i want you to go back to my friend, every morning, you love when i say it, you love it when i scream it, good morning, everybody. back to chris and alex. >> i thought bob kelly had energy. >> that vacation must have been good. >> jammo was great. >> comedian robert kelly happens to sound just like bob kelly. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
9:52 am
9:53 am
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we're having fun this morning. they told me bob kelly was coming in. >> yes, he went to vegas had a bender for the weekend, came back with crap i genetics. >> yes, we apologize. >> but you have r kelly, robert kelly. >> only time that happens is in vegas when i go down to the limo level and guy has a sign that says r kelly. i have to walk up and say it is me. >> he is like, no. >> okay. >> do you just sit back. >> of course, i do. >> so, here's the thing. >> i will be a limo driver this weekend. >> you are here tonight,. >> two tomorrow, two saturday. >> yes. >> thursday, one, friday two, saturday two. brand new club. punch line. >> it is beautiful. >> philly, philly deserves this club. it is a beautiful club. you guys have some of the funniest comics in the world and greatest crabs in the
9:56 am
world. it will be a blast. >> you have great teeth. >> thank you. >> look at those teeth. >> don't do that. >> look at that. >> all natural. >> no braces. >> no, never. >> i'm jealous. >> look at your bottom teeth. bottom team it is hard to tell because they get crowded, you don't have crowding in the bottom teeth. >> what happens. >> your jaw gets smaller. >> yes. >> what happens when you get old. >> and then your bone droops. so all you see is your bottom teeth. you will be in good shape. >> and for an irish guy. >> i should have in lips. it is like hello there. >> is that what the ladies call him. >> that is what i name them over the years. >> yes. >> did you see trump try to kiss mike pence as vp last night. >> no. >> i wand fur we can play the trip. >> it was an air kiss, pence wasn't expecting it, that
9:57 am
awkward french kiss. >> i was leaving, i'm leaving, okay. >> i love you to. >> yes, we have stuff to do. i have a a three-year old on my leg. >> he is. >> listen, here we go. >> there we are go,. >> there we are. >> my god. >> that made me weird inside. why would you kiss him. what were you thinking. poor trump. >> why would you kiss him. >> you kiss your dad, okay. you kiss your friends if they win the world series. you can give a kiss. you don't kiss on the main stage. >> that is great. >> go to the punch line and give him a kiss. >> yes. >> we will see you this weekend. we are having a party at the
9:58 am
dell tomorrow see you there the at 7:00 a.m. in fairmount park. winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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city, it's "the wendy williams show". >> how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. with all due respect, my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. >> announcer: now here's wendy! >> wendy: yeah. thank you for watching our show! and say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience.


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